In 1994, we spotted our first miniature cow — Teddie, a mid-size Scottish Highland — wandering in a sunbaked pasture on the Texas Coast with no grass and little water. Rumors were she might be a Musk Ox, a Wilderbeast, or “some kind of African animal.” We located her owners and learned she had been purchased at an exotic animal sale. Teddie’s owners had lost their pasture lease and had no idea what to do with her.

Well, we knew what to do with her. Teddie came home with us! She was little more than a lovable oddity at the time, and miniatures often become family pets, but today’s minis are more multipurpose than they have ever been during their long existence.


Teddie, Our Foundation Cow

Breed: Miniature Highland, Reg. #1001 & #2081

Size: 44″ tall (full grown)

Sire & Dam: Unknown


Wreck-It-Ralph, Our Herd Bull

Breed: Miniature High-Dex Black Bull

Size at Birth: 17″ (33″ at 2 years)

Born: 4/1/2013

Ralph is 75% Highland and 25% Dexter. He has remained small, very hairy, and holds the title of herd bull. His mother is Highland and father is High-Dex and also very small. Wreck-It-Ralph is gentle and affectionate, and loves to romance the cows.

Sire: Floppy, Reg. #1051

Dam: Little Bit, Reg. #1020

Sire: Furby, Reg. #1013

Dam: Teddie, Reg. #1001 & #2081

Sire & Dam: Unknown

Martha Lee

Breed: Miniature High-Dex, Reg. #2351

Size at Birth:  20″ (42″ full grown)

Born: 8/6/1998

Martha Lee was our Jan’s Toyland Teddie’s  calf.   I am 5′ 3″ tall. Martha Lee is now one of our tallest cows, but she has good calves.

Sire: Bill Bob’s Danny Boy (Dexter), Reg. #2059

Sire: Dublin’s Bill Bob, Reg. #5846-D

Dam: Dublin’s Lady Clementine, Reg. #5845-D

Dam: Jan’s Toyland Teddie, Reg. #1001 & #2081

Sire & Dam: Unknown

Available Now: $2000  

Jan’s Toyland Peanut

Breed: Miniature Dexter, Reg. #2355

Size at Birth: 18″  (35″ full grown)

Born: 2/6/2000

Jan’s Toyland Low Rider, the foundation Miniature Dexter for our High-Dex breed.  Jan’s Toyland Peanut was her first calf for us.  These were brought in to create a shorter cow while keeping the Highland look. It is working very well. They are more aggressive when they calve but with the Highland fathers the calves turn out gentle and loveable.

Sire: Unknown

Dam: Jan’s Toyland Low Rider. Reg. #1004 &  #2354

Sire & Dam: Unknown

Jan’s Toyland  Easter

Breed: Miniature High-Dex, Reg. #1031

Size at Birth: 34″

Born: 3/27/2005

We went out Easter morning and found a little bull calf next to his mother. We then did a cow count and one was missing. It was Peanut, so off to the woods we went. After about a half hour of walking we found her with a little 17″ black heifer calf. So we named them Easter & amp; Bunny. Bunny went to a new home and Easter is gives us a calf every year. She has a bag big enough to feed the calf and give you milk for the family. This is one her heifer calves.

Sire: Jan’s Toyland Furby, Reg. #1003 &# 2350

Sire: Jan’s Toyland Shaggy, Reg. #1013

Dam: Jan’s Toyland Low Rider, Reg. #1004 & #2354

Dam:  Jan’s Toyland  Peanut, Reg. #1007

Sire: Unknown

Dam: Jan’s Toyland Low Rider, Reg. # 1004

Available Now: $3000