There is nothing new about miniature cattle.
In fact, they are descendants of the world’s most ancient breeds.

One hundred years ago in America, while small farms thrived, the family cow was a small, docile bovine more akin to a family pet than a farm animal. This miniature cow produced enough milk for the family, with maybe a little left to sell. She also produced a mini calf each year for meat.

In recent decades, the perception of miniature cattle had evolved to the point that most assumed these animals were purely a novelty.

That collective mindset has changed.

Our Miniature Highland Dexter cows are more multipurpose than they have ever been during their centuries-long existence — providing milk, meat, companionship and breed stock, and all within a compact creature requiring fewer resources than its full-sized cousins. At Toyland Farms, we’ve taken the best qualities of the Miniature Highland and the Miniature Dexter and created our own exceptional breed: The Miniature Highland Dexter (Mini High-Dex) cow. The resulting Miniaturized bulls, cows and calves in our stable carry the extra “fuzziness” of the Scottish Highland cattle, with the desired small stature of the Irish Dexter cows.

Peruse these pages to learn about the many rewards of raising miniaturized cattle, the origin of the Miniature Highland Dexter cow (a cross between Miniature Highland and Miniature Irish Dexter) and Jan’s Toyland Farm.

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